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Don't hope. Know.

Strategic solutions for tomorrow's market leaders.

Ping Pong

What we offer.

We believe that a solid strategy and a deep knowledge of the customer lies at the heart of every successful business. 

As your partner in business development and growth, our process centers around intensive market research that reveals the most relevant forces that influence your industry, competitive landscape, and customers. We use this information to craft data-driven strategies that help you effectively respond to your customers' needs, grow your business, implement and manage change, and better prepare for the future. 


Get to the core of your customers’ motivations.

Customer Insights

Gaining a clear sense of your customers’ core motivations, behaviors, and needs enables you to tailor your products and services to their unique personas, enhance their experiences, and drive customer loyalty and satisfaction. We combine internal and external surveys, interviews, data analysis, and customer journey mapping to help you effectively and consistently turn prospects into customers.

Industry insights that empower growth.

Market Research

A clear understanding of your industry allows you to identify emerging trends, assess your competitions’ strategies and your own competitive positioning, and capitalize on new opportunities that will help you secure long-term growth and sustainable success. Our approach to market research starts with thorough industry analysis and ends with actionable and realistic implications, ready for you and your team to put to use.

Strategic Planning

Set your business on the right strategic path.

It can be challenging for business leaders to prioritize strategy within their busy schedules. We lay out an essential strategic roadmap for our clients that helps them align their goals, resources, and actions, and ensures they adapt to dynamic environments, make highly informed decisions, and achieve sustainable competitive advantage and growth.


Lindsay Crawford

Founder, LRC Content Writer

“LM Durr truly breaks the mold in our industy. She's one of the smartest and most strategic thinkers I've worked with, and has an unwavering passion for her clients' success. She turns complex data analytics into a blueprint for meeting challenging goals, even if it's uncharted waters.”


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