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October 5, 2011 - Vector Strategy Includes FY13 Budget Update With Their New Armor Material Requirements Report.

In addition to the 2011 release of Vector Strategy's "Armor Material Requirements for US Military Ground Vehicles" that is available now, Vector Strategy will provide all clients who purchase the 2011 release with an update after the FY13 budget is released and analyzed. This update will be inclusive of the 2011 report purchase price of $5,995 for a single site license ($8,995 for an enterprise wide license). Clients will in essence be receiving two reports for the price of one.

According to Marcia Price, President of Vector Strategy, "We understand that due to the current uncertain, to put it mildly, funding environment, clients might be hesitant to purchase a report now with the many procurement and funding unknowns facing this industry. So we will provide an updated set of armor material requirements to all clients who purchase the 2011 report. That update will be provided after the FY13 DOD budget request is released, which typically happens in early February. Thus, clients can use the 2011 report now, and know that an update will be provided, inclusive of their original purchase price, in early 2012.”

Marcia Price continues, "No one can make a forecast in these uncertain times. We are providing a scenario for future armor material requirements based on a set of assumptions founded in current budget data and vehicle program information communicated by the US Army's and USMC's program offices. These assumptions are fully explained in our new report. We expect that many of the funding uncertainties facing this industry will be addressed in the next four to five months, culminating with the FY13 budget release. Thus, we will provide our clients a refreshed set of armor material requirements in about five months. And we will include that update in their original purchase price."

Vector Strategy's new “Armor Material Requirements For US Military Ground Vehicles” is available for immediate purchase and electronic delivery. More information is available on Vector Strategy's website at

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