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February 16, 2011 - Vector Strategy Describes Budget Support of Armored Multi Purpose Vehicle, the M113 Replacement.

According to the US Army's budget documents released on Monday, February 14, 2011, the US Army is launching the development of the "Armored Multi Purpose Vehicle" (AMPV) which will provide the HBCT with a replacement for the M113 Family of Vehicles. The AMPV will use a turretless Bradley A3 chassis and integrate the existing M113 mission equipment packages for the M113 General Purpose, Mortar, and C2 vehicles. The MedEvac vehicle will integrate the CAIMAN Hagga system.

According to budget documents, the US Army is currently preparing a comprehensive Combat Vehicle modernization strategy, of which the AMPV is one component. There are multiple other combat vehicles covered by this comprehensive strategy. Once the strategy is complete and approved, the AMPV will be prioritized in that strategy. The AMPV will provide the HBCT with a replacement for the M113 Family of Vehicles and recoup SWaP-C and allow for growth potential.

A Materiel Development Decision is expected in March 2011 to allow entry into the EMD Phase. An RFP will be released in FY12 for the development of a competitive TDP for the conversion of an M2A0 to a turretless M2A3.

The US Army has requested RDT&E funding to support this program of $31 million in FY12. RDT&E funding continues with $73 million, $125 million, $34 million, and $32 million respectively each year FY13 to FY16. Significant procurement funding for the AMPV has also been outlined in the budget documents: $390 million in FY14, and $605 million in each of FY15 and FY16.

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