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Vector Strategy is pleased to announce the publication of three reports in the first quarter of calendar year 2014!

First up, Vector Strategy will be releasing a report on Global Body Armor Procurement Trends.

  • Clients have been asking Vector Strategy to produce this report for several years, and we are now addressing that request.

  • Vector Strategy has built a sophisticated forecast model that incorporates country specific data such as size and growth of defense budget, size of police force and military ground force, degree of militarization, percent of force issued body armor, and body armor replacement rates to develop country specific assumptions about body armor procurement.

Secondly, Vector Strategy will be publishing a 2014 release of our very successful US Military Ground Vehicle and Armor Procurement Forecast. This will be the 8th year we have published this insightful report which is the most thorough and accurate projection of US military ground vehicle and armor procurement publicly available.

Finally, an inaugural report on the Commercial Up-Armored Vehicle Market.

  • Also known as the non-standard vehicle market, this report will provide an analysis of the procurement of up-armored commercial vehicles, such as pickup trucks and SUV's, which are procured by US Federal agencies, aid agencies, foreign dignitaries, and for individual use.

  • This is a very difficult market to assess, and it is taking Vector Strategy longer to develop this report than we anticipated, but it will be worth the wait!

Stay tuned for more information about these upcoming reports!


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Vector Strategy provides market intelligence for the defense, military vehicle, and body armor industries.

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New reports are forthcoming from Vector Strategy on Global Body Armor Procurement and the Commercial Up-Armored Vehicle Market .

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